February 2017:


Check out our new international webshop here

December 2015:


If you are in Copenhagen, you can visit our new joined showroom 'Design Werck'.

October 2015:


We are launching our website in English.

June 2015:


We receive a lot of questions about prices.

So now we have made an English pricelist in Euros.

You can see it here.

May 2015:


Lobster & Shelley Brochure.

We have made a small brochure about Lobster & Shelley.

If you send an e-amil with your name and address we will send you one.

You can see the online version here

March 2015:




We have created a new version of Lobster in black stained oak - with a very orange semi-aniline leather.

With this we would like to emphasize that we are open to more color combinations in both leather and steel.

So would you like a chair, we have not already shown - please contact us, so we can explore the possibilities. Our only condition is that we must be able to vouch for the quality of the upholstery .

Lobster chair brochure
Orange black Lobster chair by Lund & Paarmann

February 2015:

This year's big news from LOPFURNITURE is that we are now selling Lobster and Shelley in Denmark - and we ship to all over the world. The quality of products is high, (which is not exactly "news" ), and we will do everything in our power to provide the finest possible service.


Over the last few years, we have received many inquiries from people who were looking for the chairs. Now they are back!


We hope you will help us spread the word ?


On our Facebook page we post all the stories.

So if you want to know what is happening at LOPFURNITURE, you can follow us here .

Lobster chair advertisement
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