The Story

Lobster & Shelley were first introduced to the public during the IMM Cologne in 2008. In the first few years the chairs were marketed by the company Strictly Design. After that  Norwegian Hjellegjerde took over the sales. The Norwegians chose to downgrade the Danish market and now LOPFURNITURE grabs the chance to get the chairs back in the Danish stores - and in the Danish homes. We are also happy to ship worldwide.

Especially Lobster attracted media attention when launched.

It attracted attention all over the world, and the interest in the chair was quite overwhelming .

Unfortunately, there are also a handful of Chinese manufacturers who have discovered the Lobster's appeal, and they have chosen to market some models that are dull copies - in a significantly poorer quality than we think the chairs deserve. So if you come across an unusually cheap Lobster, it would be wise to research it's origin. Unfortunately,the copists are often using  our original images ...

Shelley lounge chair designed by lund & paarmann
Lobster chair designed by lund & paarmann

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